Beginner Friendly Hackaton

The hackathon for everybody.


Porticode is a 24-hour event run by UCLU Technology Society, where you'll be given all the workshops, tools, mentors and snacks you'll need to create new and interesting ideas. These kind of events are also known as hackathons, but don't worry! This isn't about hacking into banks or shops, but rather about creating something you think is interesting, life changing, or just plain ridiculous.

What can you make? As long as you can build it with the tech that we have available (as well as any you want to bring), and you can do it in one day, then it's fair game. Your project could be useful for the real world or it can have no use at all!

Once the 24 hours are over, you'll be given the opportunity to show off what you've done in a 'science fair' style setting, and also the chance to demonstrate your creation in front of other attendees. Also, during the weekend, we'll be holding mini-events and games, to give you a break from your projects.

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Anyone currently studying at a university at undergraduate, postgradurate level, or a recent (less than one year since) graduate are all welcome to join us. You'll need to bring your student ID with you so we can check this.

Sadly we're unable to allow under-18s to attend Porticode, but keep following TechSoc on our social media pages, because we'll be running an event for young people in early 2017.

Team Size

Teams can be a maximum of four in order to be eligible for a prize. You can work in teams larger than four, but in this case you won't be entered to win a prize. 


Make sure your submission includes your table #.




Judging Criteria

  • Execution
    Think about the execution of your project, and how you have implemented it. Good use of tools, and have pulled off a solid hack.
  • Creativity
    Don't stay inside the box all the time. Try to think of new ways to do things, new ideas, and new concepts!
  • Enthusiasm
    A hack is not a hack without a happy hacker! Be enthusiastic about what you have made- show everybody that you are here to stay!
  • Vision
    The world is your oyster! Think about who your idea could help, where it could work, and how it would work.